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"We live in a world today of 'spin' and 'positioning.' Where the truth is often difficult to ascertain and good old \ fashioned 'straight talk' is a thing of the past. Darryl Mobley is a breath of fresh air. A man of clarity, calling it as he sees it. Blunt, transparent, honest, courageous, with a great dose of common sense. Darryl had a major impact on our organization. His credibility was instantaneous and his perspective was valued by all — from work/life balance to career perspective, to time management... Darryl left his unique imprint of truisms and common sense ideas on everyone. I can’t count the number of people who came up to me to expound on personal learnings they gleaned from Darryl that will help make them better in the business, better in life — in short, better people."
~ Jim Lafferty, President & General Manager, Procter & Gamble Philippines


"Darryl challenged me to think about not only what would be right, but what would make me passionate about the life I'm living.  He pushed me to challenge conventional wisdom, discover the real issues facing me and then use my own judgment and develop a compelling plan that would lead me to my goals.  Never before had someone pushed me for my thinking, demanded I overcome my own timidity and reluctance, and offer my best…  I have never forgotten those lessons and I use them everyday."
~ Anne French, Marketing Consultant


"Darryl always has the ability to clearly see the underlying causes and effects of actions and then develop actionable plans that take you to even greater success. The hours he spent sharing with me his thoughts and strategies for raising healthy, well-adjusted, motivated and respectful children has literally saved my family.... Darryl, there isn't a value I could place on all that I have learned from you."
~ Quinton Martin, Coca-Cola North America


"Darryl was 'all business' and had incredible signs displayed above his desk with sayings such as, 'Strike Early. Strike Deep. Strike Often.' It was immediately clear to me that Darryl was not your typical 'office colleague.' I sensed almost immediately that Darryl was a strong ally and that he did not just seek greatness for himself, but that he wanted it for those around him as well. He listened more than he talked, but he clearly communicated his position on various business & life topics. His comments came in the form of questions, not statements, and he quickly allowed me to get to the right answer without ever 'telling' me what it was.

The most compelling question Darryl ever shared was a simple greeting he wrote on a holiday card: 'How Great Will You Choose to Be?' I have thought more of that card from Darryl over the years than all the other cards I have received.

There have been many significant influences in shaping my life, values, and careers, but there is absolutely no question that Darryl Mobley helped me think bigger, work harder, and be more creative in my career and helped shape the philosophies that we share with students at Making It Count."
~ Patrick S. O'Brien, Co-Founder, Making It Count


"Darryl Mobley has an uncanny ability to boil down the most important considerations in living a fulfilled and happy life into simple, bite-sized, understandable, do-able steps. He helped me overcome fears of starting my own business. I now have two profitable companies, work from home to be with my kids, and call my own shots. Without the tools Darryl illustrated to me, I’d still be trying to juggle a 9-to-5 job, three kids, a husband, and a home, and no one would be happy."
~ Nancy Sur, DaCosta Global


"Over the years I have faced forks in the road, challenging situations, and troublesome bosses. Darryl's process allowed me to get clarity on the paths I should take in order to maximize the results I get in every area of my life. Darryl helps you to get clear on your goals and purpose – then you will develop your own incredible blueprint that will take you step-by-step to your life goals. If you want to live a great life, then the time spent with Darryl is the best investment you can make."
~ Dwain Celistan, Managing Director, Gundersen Partners


"I met Darryl Mobley years ago… Darryl stood out because he was not afraid to be himself through his work. His confidence and magnetic personality were highly motivating and inspired me to become an entrepreneur. I don’t believe I would have thought that, 'I can do that,' if I hadn’t seen Darryl… This was in 1995. I started my business in 1996 and have been wildly successful since then. Darryl is a walking inspiration. When he says, 'enjoy life,' people should listen. He knows how to do it."
~ Jim Chastain, Founder, RealityCheck


"I knew I wanted more from work than clocking in and clocking out, but I did not know how to take the next step. Darryl helped me map out my talents and interests into a very specific detailed and step-by-step plan I could follow. As a result of my personalized Blueprint I am launching a book series for girls in the fall with the goal of creating a new brand for pre-teen girls. "
~ Andrea Fuller, Intuit, Author & Entrepreneur


"Darryl is a wonderful gift to the world. It was so touching to hear the passion in his voice about how to create a better relationship. Darryl, I asked my spouse the question that you said would "dramatically and instantly improve" a relationship. It worked! It is amazing how powerful this question is. Before your seminar I was talking about divorcing my husband. I feel hopeful again for the first time in years. I want to thank you for helping me to get my marriage back on the right track. "
~ Peggy [Last Name Withheld By Request], New Jersey


"Conversations with Darryl Mobley… will uncover exciting new possibilities for your family, relationship, finances, career, health and more"
~ Les Brown, Legendary Motivator, Author and TV Show Host


"I have known Darryl for nearly 30 years. To this day, when I attain significant achievements I hear Darryl's voice telling me he KNEW I would do it. His guidance was able to inspire me and to plant the seeds that would enable me to believe in myself and reach for the unreachable."
~ Laurie McNabb, Colonel, U.S. Army


"Managers tend to become very hands-on and micromanage their direct reports. They think this will make them feel important and in control. However, Darryl's training was an eye-opener. Being an effective manager entails giving people more control and responsibilities. By giving them responsibilities very early in their career they gain priceless experience, which will arm them to tackle bigger responsibilities faster."
~ Stephan Trestor


"His clarity of thought, focused questions, and insights into how people are motivated and how things really work was amazing and life altering for me! As a coach, he is the best and is just what I needed!"
~ Kelli Lawson Richardson, Director – Dell Computer


"Darryl's clarity of vision, straight talk and simple common sense has helped me over an over again cut through the clutter and come up with practical solutions to make me a stronger, more focused person, with a better understanding of how to achieve my goals. Not only does he provide life-changing guidance - he delivers it in a way that is memorable and often funny. He always leaves you thinking and encourages positive action. Darryl is simply unforgettable! His advice and guidance is priceless."
~ Aly Johnsen, Director – Marketing, Monsanto


"I watched and experienced the magic Darryl Mobley brought to a jammed roomful of people hungry for success. Each person was searching, and in many cases thirsting, for guidance on their next big step. Darryl used a combination of personal experiences, audience participation, and professional material to guide each and every participant to reflect on their Life Goals. The room was electric with possibility during Darryl's presentation. And I was not the only one to feel it. The time with Darryl was a life changing event."
~ Tonya Hinch, President and Founder, LifePlanning Unlimited, Inc.


"I had negative experiences in the past that led to habits and beliefs that blocked me from accomplishing my professional goals. Darryl was able to help me uncover those negatives and turn them into positive powers. His lecture and workshop on goal setting and reinventing oneself was very powerful for me. I will share this with my wife and kids."
~ Mart Cruz, Plant Management


"I truly enjoyed sitting there in Darryl's trainings the entire day, listening to him talk about the facts of life. I admire him because he lives what he preaches. He is inspirational. Darryl is the only trainer I ever shook hands with, and I can say I've attended A LOT of corporate trainings! He is the best!"
~ Sylves Thierry, Manila, Philippines


"Wow! I love this book. I couldn't put it down once I started it. Seldom does a book say it better or more simply than "Hell Has A Long-Term Lease." This book is a must read for all who are serious about leading a fulfilling and productive life."
~ George C. Fraser, Author


"More than just an inspirational speaker, Darryl graced us with his entertaining nature through his talks on Work Life Balance, Attitude and Action, and People Management. Our managers were captivated by his free flowing approach in sharing the key points on how to excel both at work and at home."
~ Ankush Raisinghani, HR Director


"I have read Darryl's book – 109 Ways To Create A Life Worth Living – and I am buying a copy for each of my friends and family members. This book has given me incredible insights into myself. It should be required reading for every college student. The book is so good and so motivating and so empowering that I'd take it to heaven with me! Please tell Darryl thank you for me. He has changed my life!"
~ Anne Vincent


"I had an awesome experience this weekend at Darryl Mobley's "How To CreateA Life Worth Living Blueprint Workshop." I have been on a 'high' sense attending the workshop and I have talked about my experience each and everyday.

Mr. Mobley is an excellent speaker and presenter who is direct, to the point and he also helps to take others to higher life levels that they might have not been able to imagine before. His unique approach in helping others to gain the awareness, insight, and understanding necessary to benefit from the Law of Attraction is truly immeasurable.

Mr. Mobley is truly a genuine conveyor of positive information. He provides the audience with food for thought while providing them with the tools necessary to determine their 'Life Worth Living,' not just for today, but for tomorrow and for a lifetime. His cutting edge approach provides participants with the opportunity to experience truth without compromising their values or their overall selves.

Darryl's "How To Create A Life Worth Living Blueprint Workshop" is a must for everyone who is ready to create their best life."
~ Dr. Joyce Morley-Ball


"Darryl Mobley is a very charismatic and enchanting executive coach. Sessions with him feel like casual conversations with a long-time friend. His wisdom flows smoothly and hits the spot right smack in the middle, every time. Each conversation is invaluable and can be treasured for a lifetime."
~ Ramon Basa, MD


"Darryl Mobley's refreshing and novel approach to Work/Life Balance empowered me and the rest of the managers in the audience to identify personal and professional life goals and to make choices in favor of what is truly important."
~ Paris Watts-Stanfield, Director, Global Internal Audit - Asia


"Darryl, I do want to thank you for a truly memorable experience with our group. You make people comfortable with you, have the ability to explain things in a way everyone will understand without talking down to people, have exceptional listening skills as well as incredible motivating and communication skills, and embody leadership.

You gave our group great insights into the value of a "personal brand" and how to create one, which will serve them very well not only in their professional lives, but in their personal lives as well.

Indeed, as much as anyone I have known, you embody the principles you espouse.

You also have the rare ability to switch gears and tailor a key message to very different audiences, as you did with our two very different groups, both of which gave you rave reviews.

Many thanks for a highly productive, motivating, and truly meaningful visit! Please feel free to share my comments with others. If I can help other groups gain the type of value we do every time we are fortunate enough to have you with us, those groups cannot help but be the better for it."
~ Richard C. Reizenstein, Ph. D., The University of Tennessee


"You were awesome, a breath of fresh air, and very inspiring. The material you shared will help each person on my team reach their fullest potential."
~ Chris Heiert, Marketing Director – Procter & Gamble


"Mr. Mobley has been my role model. I was captivated by his enthusiasm and his eloquence. During a tough time in my life, after a serious injury, Mr. Mobley not only mentored me, but he made me realize and harness my strengths. Thank you to the man who inspired me to make myself better, stronger, and smarter."
~ Heather Di Silvio, 2LT – U.S. Army, West Point Graduate

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